Noam Chomsky’s Approach to Linguistics

American linguist, whose work was fundamental to the development of modern approaches to the study of language. In addition to his research in linguistics he has a sustained role in political activism and reflection, and has written copiously from an anarcho-socialist perspective on American and global issues, particularly focusing on the oppressive nature of capitalist… Read More Noam Chomsky’s Approach to Linguistics

Luce Irigaray and Psychoanalytic Feminism

In her works like Speculum of the Other Woman (translated 1985) and This Sex Which is Not One (1987), Luce Irigaray has argued that the woman has been constructed as the specular Other of man in all Western discourses. Combining Psychoanalysis, philosophy and linguistics, Irigaray’s work has been enormously influential in poststructuralist feminist thought. Irigaray’s rejection of… Read More Luce Irigaray and Psychoanalytic Feminism

Roman Jakobson’s Contribution to Structuralism and Semiotics

One of the most distinguished thinkers in linguistics, philology and aesthetics, Jakobson was responsible for the development of semiotics as a critical practice. Since his work is extremely wide-ranging in scope, Jakobson’s contribution to semiotics and structuralism alone are discussed here. In the Jakobson model of communication (either oral or written) the following SIX constituent… Read More Roman Jakobson’s Contribution to Structuralism and Semiotics