Literary Criticism of Lodovico Castelvetro

Lodovico Castelvetro (1505–1571) is best known for his stringent reformulation of Aristotle’s unities of time and place in drama, his rigid approach being subsequently endorsed by neoclassical writers. Also important in his writings, however, are his treatment of imitation, plot, the distinction between poetry and history, and his views of the purpose and audience of poetry.… Read More Literary Criticism of Lodovico Castelvetro

Chicago School (Neo-Aristotelians)

The Chicago School of critics or the Neo Aristotelians included professors of the departments of Humanities, University of Chicago, who were engaged in bringing about a radical transformation in an attempt to revive Humanities and make them institutionally more competitive with the sciences. These critics, including RS Crane, Elder Olson, Richard McKeon, Norman Maclean and… Read More Chicago School (Neo-Aristotelians)