Key Theories of Paul Ricoeur

Two different traditions in the study of language and philosophy come together magisterially in Paul Ricoeur’s (1913–2005) study The Rule of Metaphor (1975; trans. 1977), with Anglo-American and ‘French’ approaches thereby brought into dialogue. While there is much talk of transdisciplinary research in the humanities today, authentic examples are few and far between: with the work… Read More Key Theories of Paul Ricoeur

Philosophical Influences on Poststructuralism

Unlike structuralism that derived from linguistics, poststructuralism owes its origin to philosophy, which as a discipline, always tends to emphasise the difficulty in achieving complete and secure knowledge about things. This point is encapsulated in Nietzsche’s famous remark: “There are no facts, only interpretations! Poststructuralism inherits the sceptical nature of philosophy that undercuts and questions… Read More Philosophical Influences on Poststructuralism